Each time you purchase a recupkit, one percent of your purchase will be donated to environmental organizations.
“What will be your choice?”
- Where to buy recupkit?

Where to buy recupkit? Please buy recupkit at online or offline.
If you want to purchase more than 2,000pcs, please contact to

- Where are we now?

We have been working on this project for the past two years and needless to
say we're super excited to be finally in the position to let the world know about it.
We've invested heavily in this product - time, resources and money towards
tooling - we now need your help so we can begin manufacturing at scale!

- Is the product helpful for the global environment?

Yes, it is. A huge number of disposable cups are being thrown away as garbage.
Global coffee franchises’ disposable take-out cups made specifically for their promotions are easily discarded. Even though it is very beautiful in design, but it is easily discarded because of disposable. Through this campaign, you can reuse the recycling cup, and 1% of the amount you will support will be donated to the international environmental organization.
We have two opportunities to protect the global environment.

- Experience you can trust.

These last few years of experience in design, manufacturing, global logistics and fulfilling orders have been truly invaluable and we believe we are in a great position to make sure that this project is as smooth as possible.
We have a fantastic and trusted relationship with each member of the chain- meaning that we are confident that we can deliver recupkits to you as quickly as possible.

- Other ways you can help.

If you're not ready for recupkit just yet you still can help the campaign by letting your friends know.
Or even better- just think of that one friend who you think might just LOVE recupkit and
send them a link to this